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 The rules and law

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PostSubject: The rules and law   Tue 27 Jun - 19:17

1 -  Nobody under 18 year old !     -----> account deleted

2 - No racisme or such things!   -----> account deleted
    Everyone is welcome, and we have to learn from different culture.

3 - no harassment    ------> account deleted
    all harassment forbidden, no exception.

4 - nothing that can make forumactif to close the board... please refer to the rules of the forumactif/forumotion!
    It include porn Wink... we can speak about sex (tantra and all) but not of rape or such things.

Important: This forum need to stay in the law. If you think that satanism or left hand path generally go with sacrifice of a young child, a virgin woman to take by force, a grave to dig or such things, you have nothing to do here!

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The rules and law
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